els   eckhardt

Info artist.

"I don't have a plan when I start to paint. I have a feeling and then I select my colours.
During the proces of painting I am looking what is happening on the canvas / paper.
There must be some harmony in forms and colours.
Maybe you see landscapes or villages, figures, angels or other flying beings.

Sometimes my work is called "lyrical abstract"  because of the color harmony in the abstract paintings.

But looking at my paintings you can make your own world."


Acrylic op panel, canvas and paper.
Wax on paper: the so called encaustic technique means that warm colour-pigmented wax is painted on wood or paper. This is a very ancient technique.
Self-dipt paper is sometimes used as sub-soil before painting: it will give a certain relief to the works.
Mixed media: acrylic, pastel, photography etc.


In the sixties and the early seventies Els Eckhardt received painting lessons from Johan van Zweden (Arnhem) and Gaby Bovelander (Apeldoorn) (The Netherlands).
After that she developed her own style of painting.

At the moment she lives and works in the Frisian Noordwolde (The Netherlands).



May 2011  Gallery  Bij Krepel te Klarenbeek (group)
2009 Koloniehof Frederiksoord (with Mia ten Thij, beelden)
2009 Randerode Apeldoorn
2008 Prot. Kerk van Noordwolde
2007 Galerie bij Krepel Klarenbeek (group)
2007 Vlechtwerk Noordwolde
2006 Marialust Apeldoorn (group
2000 Marialust Apeldoorn (group)
1997 Galerie de Eendvogel Gorinchem (with Henny Zwaal)
1991 en 1996 Verzekeringskamer Apeldoorn (group)
1991 Centrale Openbare Bibliotheek Apeldoorn